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Shimano Grappler Type Slow J Jigging Rods


Shimano's Grappler Type Slow J Jigging Rods were inspired by and designed to after the Japanese technique of slow pitch jigging. The idea behind slow pitch jigging is that the jig itself is to have small, precise movements off the seafloor to imitate a slow dying baitfish. This technique encourages even the laziest fish to bite and a specific rod with a very light tip allows the bait to move more freely with more natural movement The light tip in combination with ultra sharp hooks works well as the rod stays constantly loaded when fighting a fish. The Grappler Type Slow J Jigging Rods are surprisingly powerful and can conquer everything from seabass to tuna.

The Grappler series from Shimano features two of their newest rod blank technologies, Spiral-X and Hi-Power X. Both these technologies provide for a light, powerful, and sensitive blank, something all anglers certainly want. Spiral-X is a carbon tape tightly wrapped at an angle from the butt of the rod to the tip, which is done in two layers in opposite directions. This provides for torsional rigidity under load without adding weight to the blank itself. Hi-Power X is the rod's outmost layer being wrapped with carbon tape in an "X" pattern from the butt to the tip of the rod. Hi-Power X works in combination with Spiral-X to further tighten the carbon tape and ultimately prevents the "ovalization" of the rod. In short, Spiral-X and Hi-Power X combined with one another gives the angler the sharpness and control not seen in many other rods.


-Hi-Power X


-Ci4+ Reel Seat

-Fuji Alconite Guides

-Fuji SiC Tip

-EVA Handles

*All Shimano Grappler Type Slow J Jigging Rods are 1-piece

Model Type Length Power Action Lure Max
GRPSJC68M Casting 6'8" Medium Moderate 330g
GRPSJC68MH Casting 6'8" Medium Heavy Moderate 400g
GRPSJC68ML Casting 6'8" Medium Light Moderate 260g