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Shimano Curado 70 MGL K Casting Reels


Compact in size, the Shimano Curado 70 MGL K Casting Reels are built to continue the Curado line with its lightweight and smaller spool, perfect for casting lighter lures or flipping/pitching. Due to its spool size, the start-up inertia is reduced which results in longer casts with less effort required by the angler. This reel also boasts Shimano's MGL (Magnumlite) spool design, further reducing the startup inertia needed.

As with the rest of the current Curado line, a Hagane metal reel body gives the reel its durability and longevity. The body's stiffness and impact-resistance eliminates body flex and gives the internals within much greater support. This results in the angler having a more direct output of energy consistently applied throughout the entire retrieve. MicroModule Gearing assists with this reels smooth retreive. Its smaller and greater in quantity gear teeth give a greater number of contact points between the drive and pinion gears, resulting in the reel having a more efficient retrieve while also getting rid of the "geary" feel seen in other reels.

For the angler looking for a more compact reel that provides for ease of casting distance with lighter and more finesse baits, this reel perfectly suits the job. The angler making shorter casts such as flipping and pitching to cover will also enjoy this reel due to its durability and rigidity, as well as its low startup inertia that gets the bait moving with a simple flick of the wrist.


  • Cross Carbon Drag
  • Hagane Body
  • MGL Spool
  • MicroModule Gearing
  • X-Ship