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Shimano Curado 150 DC Casting Reels

Model: CUDC150

The Curado series from Shimano has a long history of providing a quality workhorse casting reel at a reasonable price. It has proven itself among thousands of anglers for the past few decades and has gone through several different redesigns as Shimano has continued to perfect the reel and enhance to new technologies and materials Shimano has developed. For the first time, Shimano has implemented a digitally controlled breaking system in this reel, resulting in one of the most technologically advanced casting reels on the market as well has improving its dependability.

The DC breaking system inside this Curado is a small computer chip that controls the rate of line coming off the spool, allowing you to think about your next cast rather than how much pressure you apply to the spool with your thumb. With a few basic setting adjustments on this reel, the novice angler or the professional is provided with the ability to cast long distances that are trouble free in whatever conditions or bait choices you use.

The microcomputer inside this reel measures and controls the spool every 1/1000 of a second. It is a completely sealed system that is powered by the spool when casting. Whether hitting the freshwater ponds or open saltwater, this reel can easily handle them both and the angler is provided the comfort to fish worry free of backlashes with minimal effort.


-Hagane Body -S3D Spool

-Cross Carbon Drag -IDC4 Breaking System

-Micromodule Gearing -X-Ship