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Shimano Armajoint Flash Boost

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Color: 190SF - Gizzard

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"Introducing the Shimano ARMAJOINT 190SF: The Ultimate Solution for Trophy Fish Seekers!

Crafted by Shimano to conquer the challenges of casting big jointed swimbaits, the ARMAJOINT 190SF is engineered to deliver unrivaled performance in your pursuit of trophy fish. Leveraging Shimano's cutting-edge ARMA BOOST technology, this lure is designed to maximize casting distance and accuracy by reducing air resistance and preventing unwanted spinning during flight.

When you cast the ARMAJOINT 190SF, the innovative ARMA BOOST technology comes into play, allowing the lure to disconnect from an internal magnet and fold into a compact shape. As it hits the water, the lure's body seamlessly reengages with the magnet, resulting in a smooth and natural swimming action that entices even the most cautious fish.

Versatility is the name of the game with the ARMAJOINT 190SF, as it can be retrieved at varying speeds to adapt to any fishing situation. Its natural slow-rising action, unaffected by the fold in its body, makes it an irresistible target for fish. The lure's default S-pattern swimming adds to its allure, providing a captivating display that fish simply cannot resist.

But that's not all – Shimano's exclusive FLASH BOOST technology takes the attraction to the next level. Emitting an alluring fish-attracting flash throughout the retrieve, including during pauses, the ARMAJOINT 190SF utilizes micro springs and reflective foil to mimic the behavior of an injured baitfish, making it a relentless predator magnet.

Designed with precision, innovation, and state-of-the-art technology, the ARMAJOINT 190SF revolutionizes angler performance and consistently draws strikes from tournament-winning bass. If you're serious about landing trophy fish, look no further than the Shimano ARMAJOINT 190SF – your ultimate fishing ally."