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Savage Gear Pulse Tail LT Shiner Swimbaits

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With 3D scans of a real shiner, Savage Gear utilized state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to achieve a very realistic profile and vibrational signature to match the hatch.  A split rear kicker tail gives all the thumping action needed to replicate the real deal and call in predators.  This bait features a line through design, keeping the weight of the lure out of the predator's mouth after the strike.  This diminishes the chances the hook could be leveraged out, which is important on a heavy and big-bodied bait such as this.  The Pulse Tail LT Shiner is an excellent tool for the angler targeting bass, pike, muskie, and other predatory fish, and comes in several patterns to excite the angler and the fish alike.

  • Line-Through Design 
  • 7" in Length
  • 3-1/4oz