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RonZ Big Game Series Rigged Soft Baits

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RonZ Big Game Series Rigged Soft Baits are built for any and all high powered fish species here in the NorthEast and beyond.  They perfectly imitate the profiles of Mackerel, Sandeels, and Halfbeaks which are the primary forage for species such as bluefin & yellowfin tuna.  Each "tail" perfectly meshes with corresponding jigheads and are built to be indestructible, which is often needed due to the vicious strikes large pelagics can offer.  When out on the tuna grounds, these baits are a staple and can be utilized in various ways, either retrieved on the surface, pitched at breaking fish, trolled, or deadsticked.  

  • 8" - 1.75oz Big Game Series HD
    • 1.25oz Pure Tin Head
    • 8" Tail
  • 10" - 4oz Big Game Series MHD
    • 2.5oz Pure Tin MHD Head
    • 10" Tail
  • 10" - 4oz Big Game Series HD
    • 2.5oz Pure Tin Head
    • 10" Tail
  • 10" - 5oz Big Game Series HD 
    • 4oz Pure Tin Head
    • 10" Tail