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Pro UV Resin Thin Flex

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The Pro Sportfisher UV curable resin system is a series of high-quality industrial-grade UV resins that are perfectly formulated and adjusted for the modern fly tier's needs. Carefully calculated viscosities for the intended purpose they are designed for, from the PRO UV resin thin flex which has outstanding adhesive and mechanical properties, along with great penetration capabilities, over the PRO UV resin MID FLEX, which is perfect for making heads on baitfish imitations because it will not get soaked into body or wing materials making it easy to work with even for beginners, to the Builder that is superb for filling cavities or builds and doming where such application is needed.

The Pro UV resin system also includes specialty resins with the right amount of pigments that still allow for a fast curing time, but still, have a solid coloration grade

The system is build up by the 3 basic clear resins Thin flex, Mid flex, and Builder. The name refers to the viscosity, and the flex indicates that there is a certain amount of flexibility. in praxis, this means that the resins can flex instead of breaking and shattering like many other resin types on the market. 

Pro Sportfisher UV Resin system highlights.

  • Industrial grade quality
  • Comes in 14ml/0.5oz precision squeeze bottle w/ stew cap.
  • Easy to use, cures fast with low smell 
  • Superior adhesion strength, and durability 
  • Stainless steel fluid tip included in each pack