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ODM Frontier X Surf Rods

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Rod Model: NXFX-863

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TheODM Frontier X Surf Rodis ODM Fishing's high end surf rod offering, utilizing advanced nano-technology and newly developed materials to craft a lightweight, balanced, sensitive, but extremely strong surf rod. The taper is parabolic with a moderate to moderate-fast action with extremely fast recovery.


  • MMCN™ technology with unique layering and patterning process
  • 2 piece with 70/30** split - Design to flex and behave like 1 piece rod
  • Anti-twist design - Help prevents rod from twisting giving greater hook setting and fighting power
  • 1K Carbon Woven - Modern outside layer that provides strength, durability and help protects from outside elements
  • Fuji tangle free K guides & Fuji deluxe ergonomics reel seat
  • Built on Fuji New Guide Concept
  • Engineered & hand built in USA
  • 1 Year limited warranty

Model Length Pieces Action Lure Rating Max Drag
NXFX-863 8'6" 2 Mod. - Mod. Fast 3/4 - 3 oz 18 lb
NXFX-964 9'6" 2 Mod. - Mod. Fast 3/4 - 4 oz 20 lb
NXFX-1064 10'6" 2 Mod. - Mod. Fast 3/4 - 4 oz 20 lb
NXFX-1066 10'6" 2 Mod. - Mod. Fast 2 - 6 oz 22 lb
NXFX-1068 10'6" 2 Mod. - Mod. Fast 3 - 8 oz 25 lb
NXFX-1166 11'6" 2 Mod. - Mod. Fast 2 - 6 oz 22 lb

NXFX-863: The smallest of the Frontier X series coming in at a length of 8’6”. It’s the perfect rod for back bay situations, open beaches and for albie fishing. Pair it with a VR50, VS/VSX150 or a similar sized reel from your other manufactures and you have a deadly combo.

NXFX-964: Coming out at 9’6”, this rod comes in a shorter package than the others in its series but still maintains to pack a series punch. Whether fishing your back bays, open beaches, jettys, or moderate current areas it's the rod that fits many applications. Some might choose this rod compared to its longer brother the NXFX-1064 to better suit a desired reel that comes out at a lighter weight or as a rod where you might be fishing in a more confined area with obstacles which may prevent you from having more room to cast.

NXFX-1064: The longer brother of the NXFX-964 coming out at a 10’6” length. This rod fits all the same situations as its shorter brother but comes in a longer package. Some might choose this rod over its shorter brother to balance out with a heavier reel or they don’t find themselves in situations that often would hinder their ability to freely cast due to obstacles.

NXFX-1066: At a 10’6” length and a lure rating of 2-6 ozs, don’t be surprised to find this rod out at the canal with guys throwing magic swimmers, pencil poppers, stick shads or lighter jigs. This rod also works out as a pretty well-rounded rod which can still be used for beach, jetty, or heavy current areas when throwing medium sized plugs such as your SP minnows all the way to your hefty 9” swim shads.

NXFX-1068: The true big plug rod in the series with a whopping lure rating range of 3-8oz. Whether throwing your large custom plugs down to your mid-sized pencils, this rod suits itself for things that go bump in the night.

NXFX-1166: The longest in its series, the NXFX-1166 comes out at an 11’6” length. This rod is your extreme distance rod while still managing to put a ton of power to the fish. If you are needing to get out extreme distances in the canal or heading to Cabo for roosterfish and jacks this is your rod.