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Megabass Magdraft Freestyle Swimbaits

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With a hard thumping tail action and natural headshake, the Megabass Magdraft Freestyle Swimbaits are a versatile option for anglers looking to use the Magdraft in a wider set of ways.  The Magdraft Freestyle features a snub-nose design that is perfect for screw lock swimbait hooks.  Its pre-cut belly makes for easy rigging while its top groove gets the point of the hook in a more weedless presentation.  The Magdraft freestyle is also great to be rigged with a jighead or modified with a treble.  

Rigging weedless with a swimbait hook is where this bait shines, as it can be slowly presented off the bottom, through a weedline, or presented around wood and other various structure that fish reside in.  With the use of a jighead, deeper water structures like ledges, drop-offs, points, and rocky bottom are all fair game, giving this bait further versatility.  

  • 6" in Length 
  • 2 Baits per Package
  • Recommended Hooks:
    • Screw-Lock Swimbait
      • Sizes 6/0 - 8/0
    • Jighead
      • Sizes 6/0 - 8/0
    • Treble 
      • #2 - #1

*Hooks Not Included with Purchase