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Lunker City Slug-Go

Length/Pack Quantity
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The Lunker City Slug-Go is the original soft plastic stick bait.  They simply work for a wide variety of species and imitate so many different baitfish.  They have a slender profile which allows for more erratic motion to imitate a wounded baitfish.  Slug-Go's have found their way into many tackle boxes across the U.S., for both fresh and saltwater anglers alike.  Whether you are targeting stripers, weakfish, and seabass here in the Northeast, or looking at Tarpon, Musky, Snook, Largemouth Bass, etc., many if not all predatory fish will find them appealing their taste buds.

  • 4-1/2" - 8pk
  • 6" - 8pk
  • 7-1/2" - 5pk
  • 9" - 3pk
  • 9" - 8pk  
  • 12" - 3pk