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Huddleston Deluxe Bluegill Swimbaits (Top Hook)

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Continuing the big bait variety, Huddleston accompanied their well trout swimbaits with the Deluxe Bluegill, giving trophy hunters another baitfish option that is a top forage species for bass.  The Bluegill swimbait features a subtle but enticing thump just like the trout line that has proven itself over years of use against serious fish.  

Huddleston's bluegill comes in a variety of lifelike patterns and this bait is very accurate anatomically to the variety of panfish we see here in the U.S.  Its top hook is concealed within the dorsal fin and due to its flushed placement, giving it a fairly weedless presentation.  The top hook easily deploys upon the hookset, as the body simply folds out of the way of the hook, giving the angler the opportunity to strike it home.  

The Huddleston Bluegill will without a doubt become one of your favorite patterns, whether it be from targeting fish in your local farm pond to some of the biggest lakes in the country.  Bluegill remains as one of the top forage baitfish for bass across the country, and Huddleston's version certainly matches the hatch!

*ROF (Rate of Fall) - The Approximate Amount of Feet the bait Drops in 10 Seconds*

*Each Swimbait is Hand-Painted, Colors May Vary from Images*