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Hogy Peanut Bunker Jig

Size and Color

Hogy Peanut Bunker Jig details

Hogy's Peanut Bunker Jig is a perfect bait for throwing at false albacore, bonito, and many others. With weight options of 1 and 2 ounces it matches perfectly with the rods and lines most commonly used for chasing these popular speedsters. At 2-3/4" for the 1 ounce and 3.5" long for the 2 ounce it perfectly imitates baby peanut bunker which are often prevalent in our waters in the fall when the hardtails arrive.


  • Solid Metal Core For Exceptional Casting Distance
  • Durable, Through Wired Construction
  • Reflective Scale Finish
  • Subsurface Side-To-Side Swimming Action
  • 4X VMC Treble Hook
  • Imitative Laser Eye