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Hogy Original 10" Softbait

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The Hogy Orginal Softbaits are designed to be fished in a variety of different ways, whether texas rigged, nose hooked, rigged on a jighead, etc.  They are soft enough to provide for some serious tail kicking action yet strong and solid enough to withstand abuse.  A rigging channel is cut into the belly of the bait, providing for ease of rigging while a scale-like pattern provides for a little extra vibration in the water.  Each bait is neutrally buoyant, allowing it to be worked like a subsurface topwater with the occasional breach of the surface, on a lightly weighted or unweighted texas rig hook.

The 10" is the middle of the sizes of the Hogy Original, perfect for both the shore/surfcaster, boater, kayak, etc. when trying to imitate larger profiled bait like eels and bunker.  


  • Neutrally Bouyant Design 
  • Great Subsurface "walk the dog" action
  • Able to be rigged in a wide variety of different ways
  • Hand-poured plastic, soft enough to give off great action yet tough enough to withstand and tame multiple fish