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Gary Yamamoto Senko - 5"

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A proven winner over years of use, Gary Yamamoto was the original designer of the Senko.  The senko is one of the most popular freshwater baits when targeting bass, as it can be used in multiple different ways and can be effectively used throughout the year with confidence coast to coast in the U.S. 

It works well whether it be wacky rigged or texas rigged, due to its slow horizontal fall rate at a pause, mimicking a dying or injured baitfish.  The beauty of this bait is its simplicity, as it simply is a thick round plastic worm with salt impregnated to get the bait to sink and give it casting distance.  Small ribs run the course of the bait, which gives it extra vibration on the fall. 

The senko can be used by anglers of all experience levels and excels when left alone so the bait can do the work.  

  • 5" - 10 per Pack