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FishLab Flanker Speed Stick Bait

Weight/Length: 3/4oz - 3 1/3"
Color: Sprat

Perfectly imitating smaller, thinner profiled baits, the FishLab Flanker Speed Stick Bait is a lure great for long distance casting and fast to burning speeds. It is much like a casting jig, with all the compactness to make this lure move in the cast but remain higher in the water column when stopped as it is more like a hard-bait. The Flanker is through-wired to meet the demands of inshore and light offshore gamefish. Equipped with Owner hooks, this bait is a very solid performer all around.

  • The Flanker Stick Bait is a slim bodied, mid-sized stick bait designed for high speed retrieve when fishing for big game
  • Designed for high speed presentations
  • Silent running fixed weight design.
  • Solid Thru-wired design for the ultimate durability for large pelagic fish.
  • Pre-rigged with Owner ST Treble hook and nose split ring
  • 3.3" Pre-rigged with Owner ST size 4 Treble Hooks
  • 4.5" Pre-rigged with Owner ST size 2 Treble Hooks