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Dennis Zambrotta: Surfcasting Around the Block

Surfcasting around the Block is a culmination of 20 years of research, interviews, multiple edits and re-writes. Not assembled like a typical "how to" fishing book, it includes memoirs, short stories, articles about Block Island, Striped Bass, and surfcasting, as its central themes.

"Surfcasting around the Block," is separated into four sections.

Section One, "The Island," covers the authors initial impressions of Block Island and its surfcasters.

Section Two, "The Stories," includes the author's personal memoirs from 26 years of Striped Bass surfcasting on Block Island.

Section Three, "The Tactics," includes tried and true methods successfully used when targeting Striped Bass in the surf.

Section Four, "The Mystique," captures the essence of the surfcasting experience in writing.