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Chocklett's Live Gummy Skin

Color: Prismatic Silver

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Chocklett's Live Gummy Skin is a flexible, "gummy tape" that some in two , 2 X 6" strips. Sili Skin was made popular many years ago by Blane Chocklett with his introduction of the famous Gummy Minnow and this stuff is an offshoot of that featuring a realistic scale finish. (This stuff used to be called Live Scale Sili Skin). This is a great "topper" for those flies but many, many other uses have surfaced over the years and it's now seeing a huge resurgence with the publishing of Blane's new book, Game Changer.

One side of the tape is covered with a peel-off backing and the other side has a scale/foil finish. It is very sticky and but not nearly as strechy as the original. It is one color on one side and pretty much silver on the backside so often best used as topper or where it can be folded over on itself.

It can be combined with Sili Skin or other materials to make amazingly realistic Gummy Minnows but really the uses are limitless. Some highlights of the new book are using it to wrap around Body Tubing to form entire bodies on flies or just finish off a head on a fly such as on a T-Bone.