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Chatter Lures Wingman Side Tracker Bar

Color: Green

Introducing The WINGMAN - For years the offshore game has stood still in the sense of innovation and design.  The Wingman series of directional birds, splash birds and shell squids takes us to another level of what's currently available today.  Our directional bird is guaranteed to be your true wingman surpassing the directional distance of any other competitor by far.  Coupled with design innovation of our fin and added hydrofoils allows for the bar to be lifted up and out of the water.  True cupped wings spray water up and out.  With a molded exterior squid design all of our birds are injection molded using virgin ABS plastics that will hold up to all kinds of abuse.  The multi-directional fin is held in place using a standard #2 Phillips head stainless screw allowing for fast interchange between port and starboard direction.