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Chatter Lures 36" Side Tracker Bar - 9" Machine Lure

Color: Zucchini

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The Patented, ChatterLures Multi-Directional Side Tracker Spreader Bar.  ChatterLures side tracker bar design enables you to be able to switch the lure from port to starboard side on the fly (literally less than 2 seconds).  If you do not have outriggers, no problem! You now have the same capabilities as those boats with outriggers! If you do have outriggers, add another clip to your riggers because our side tracker will now enable you to run 2 extra rods in your spread!  Get these lures to that clean quiet water and hold on tight because these WILL be the first lures bit in your spread!

  • 36" Titanium Spreader Bar with patented Side Tracker Bird and (4) 5" chatter birds.
  • (9) 9" Machine Lures. 1-2-3-2-1 + Stinger Design. (1) Free Spinning Chatter Bird per teaser line. 
  • #250 Momoi Smoke Blue Main Line
  • #200 Momoi Smoke Blue Teaser Lines
  • Diamond crimps (bench crimped)
  • Diamond Chafe Tube at all critical points
  • #350 AFW Ball Bearing Snap Swivel 
  • Machine Stingers with 9/0 QuickRig Koga Hook