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Century Rods The Weapon Spinning Rods

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Century's "Weapon" series of rods are designed as the ultimate inshore rod, whether you be from beach, jetty, kayak, boat, or any other fishing outing.  With the Weapon, Century packed these rods full of tech, with anti-twist technology, nano cilia fiber resin, graphene, S-2 Glass, and finished off with a Textreme outer shell.

  • Anti-Twist Technology (ATT):
    • Utilization of energy in a single plane, without any side to side deflection or loss of energy.  Century uses a very complex layup of materials that almost makes the rod feature torsional properties "steel I-beam".
  • Autoclave Process:
    • Making a composite that is completely void-free through the process of vacuum and heat pressure to expel any excess resin or air when curing the blank.  This ensures the deflection pattern stays true to the ultimate level.  
  • Graphene:
    • One of the strongest materials known to man, 200 times stronger than steel, harder than diamond, while also remaining flexible. Graphene is used throughout the blank, which assists with strength, weight reduction, durability, recovery, and anti-torsional properties.  
  • S-2 Glass:
    • A nanofiber resin that is impregnated with an S grade fiberglass that performs like carbon fiber but still packs the benefits of glass.
  • Textreme: 
    • An extremely thin, wide weave wrap of carbon used in aerospace and racing applications for added fracture resistance
      and recovery speed. This outer layer makes a huge difference in recovery speed and durability of a rod blank with a
      minimal effect on weight.

Century Weapon model ISS9672GSWS is available for instore pickup only.  All other models require an oversize packaging surcharge to safely get your new rod from us to you - but they do qualify for free shipping!