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BKK Titanrider w/ Twistlock

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Designed to be used with soft plastic baits jerk baits, swimbaits and more for weedless style rigging, the BKK Titranrider is a simple yet feature-rich hook for anglers looking to advance their game.  A locking spring at the hook eyelet allows for easy and secure attachment & removal of soft baits while an adjustable silicone stopper keeps plastics in position for both the cast and retrieve.  A deep hook throat gives added room for the hook itself to penetrate into the fish's mouth, giving a more secure hookset.  Finally, a unique super slide coating on the hook itself reduces the friction of the hookset, giving it even better penetration. 

  • Twist Locking Spring for Secure & Easy Soft Bait Attachment 
  • Silicone Bait Stopper 
  • Deep Hook Throat 
  • BKK's Super Slide Coating