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BKK Titandiver+ w/ Twistlock

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Size/Pack Quantity: 6/0 (2pk)

Giving anglers the option to adjust the configuration in the way they fish, the BKK Titandiver+ is the ultimate evolution in the Titan hook series. Similarly to the other Titan Hooks, a locking spring at the hook eyelet allows for easy and secure attachment & removal of soft baits, a silicone stopper keeps baits from sliding down the shank of the hook when casting, and a super slide coating reduces the friction and allows for extra penetration into the fish. The Titandiver+ however does have a few tricks up its sleeve, with the easy removal/adjustment of the weighted keel between the complete removal, adjustment of weight, or adjustment of weight position.

  • Twist Locking Spring for Secure & Easy Soft Bait Attachment
  • Silicone Bait Stopper
  • Deep Hook Throat
  • BKK's Super Slide Coating
  • Weighted Keel with Easy Adjustments/Removal
  • Removable Blade
Hook Size 6/0 8/0 10/0 12/0 14/0 16/0 18/0
Weight 8g/12g 8g/12g 12g/18g 12g/18g 18g/24g 24g/32g 32g/42g