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BKK Titandiver w/ Twistlock

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When weedless texas rig styled hooks need an extra bit of flash, the BKK Titandiver does that and more.  Similar to the standard Titanrider, a locking spring sits at the hook's eyelet for the secure and easy attachment of soft plastic swimbaits, jerk baits and more.  A silicone stopper sits at the bend of the hook to keep the bait in place, and the hooks super slide coating aids in its penetration. 

Unlike the Titanrider, the Titandiver has a weighted keel with a ring attachment at the shank.  The keel assists with a more natural swimbait action while the ring provides an attachment point for a spinning blade.  The spinning blade easily can improve the appeal of the lure, calling fish from afar or further imitating a wounded baitfish.

  • Twist Locking Spring for Secure & Easy Soft Bait Attachment 
  • Silicone Bait Stopper 
  • Deep Hook Throat 
  • BKK's Super Slide Coating
  • Weighted Keel with Ring Attachment