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Aquaskinz Plastic Swivel Clip

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The swivel clips are intended to be used with the Large AquaSkinz Plug Bag and the AquaSkinz Eel Bag but can be used for many diffrent things. The clips are made of an impact resistant, non-rotting, saltwater grade plastic. They are strengthened but are not load bearing. They will handle weights up to 25 pounds. This belt loop will fit a 2 inch wading belt. Attach the webbing to your belt and attach the clip to the "D" rings on the plug bags or accessories. This system will transfer the weight off of your shoulder and lower back to the clip on the belt. By using this system you will eliminate the need for belt loops. You will also be able to work more comfortably with your bags. The system will keep the bags from swinging wildly around you when you cast and from coming around you when you lean forward and they will stay where you want them until you move them.
2 Clips Per Package