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Aquaskinz Medium Surf Bag


The single row bag has become a staple for carrying a surfcasters most in demand items. Very comfortable, offers ample storage space and is much lighter than the large lure bag. The Aquaskinz Medium Surf Bag is a great size to balance plug/lure storage with comfort
- Keep your pliers safe, secured and ready for action
- Don't lose plugs when swimming or getting washed off the rocks.
- Store soft plastics, leaders or other items. Fast draining pocket keeps bag from trapping water.
- Stainless steel grommets on the bottom allows water to quickly drain away
- Heavy-duty vulcanized rubber is positioned in high-wear area to prolong life of the bag
- Saltwater grade, rot proof thread reinforcement of high-stress areas adds to the life of the bag
Size : W 13" x D 4" x H 9 1/4"