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AFTCO Saiko Pro 100% Fluorocarbon

Spool Size: 25yd
Pound Test: 12lb

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Made in Japan with a 100% custom fluorocarbon formula, Aftco Saiko Pro 100% Fluorocarbonis an industry-leading leader material made for gamefish coast to coast. Both knot and crimped strength of this leader material rival the best out there, while also performing well for abrasion resistance and tensile strength. Aftco's unique SecureSpool packaging makes storage a cinch, reducing what can often be messy, uncoiled, and disorganized leader spools.

  • 100% custom formula fluorocarbon made in Japan for optimum leader performance.
  • Made for gamefish, not lab testing—up to 20% stronger after abrasion than leading competitors.
  • Industry-leading tensile strength, abrasion resistance and break energy ratings for an unfair advantage over the competition.
  • AFTCO SecureSpool™ makes leader storage a cinch. No more messy, uncoiled and disorganized leader spools.

Pound Test/Diameter

  • 12lb (6.5kg)
    • 0.011" (0.281mm)
  • 15lb (8.9kg)
    • 0.013" (0.330mm)
  • 20lb (14.0kg)
    • 0.017" (0.433mm)
  • 25lb (16.2kg)
    • 0.019" (0.473mm)
  • 30lb (21.9kg)
    • 0.022" (0.565mm)
  • 40lb (25.8kg)
    • 0.024" (0.620mm)
  • 50lb (29.3kg)
    • 0.026" (0.660mm)
  • 60lb (40.0kg)
    • 0.030" (0.770mm)
  • 80lb (42.8kg)
    • 0.032" (0.810mm)