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3D Fishing Ultimate Bait Bridle

Size: Small

Bridling your baits has never been easier or more effective! 3D Fishing Products is proud to introduce the Ultimate Bait Bridle. No more fussing with floss, needles or pliers. The Ultimate Bait Bridle is made from spring grade stainless wire with specially designed bends and a rubber retaining band that firmly holds the hook in place while still allowing for a greater hook-up ratio.

The small size bridles are perfect for small and medium baits. You can also use the small bridles, as we often do, on baits such as bunker. We simply penetrate the baits in the nostril area to allow for the hook to rest close to the front of the bait.

Our large sized bridles (our original bridle) are designed with medium baits in mind. We use this size for bridling bunker for striped bass and bluefish. We bridle the bait through the top of the eye socket allowing the hook to rest very close to the snout of the bait. You can easily bridle from any point on the bait such as the dorsal or tail area for different presentations and conditions.

The Offshore sized bridle, our latest addition to the Ultimate Bait Bridle lineup, is perfect for large baits and hooks. The bridles are easily capable of accepting large (up to 13/0) circle or J hooks, making them a great choice for shark fishing and other offshore applications. Bridling larger baits is now a snap!