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Grip Studs 3000B Boot Kit (28 Studs with Manual Install Tool)

The 3000B size Grip Stud is perfect for applications where you need to limit the amount of penetration into your boot where the 1800 size won't work, or for the angler that needs traction, but not a serious amount. Stud size is 7.9x11.4mm.

The 3000B stud is perfect for light weed and slime. They do not stick out of the boot seriously far, nor do they penetrate boots as deep, keeping them a great option for the light duty surfcaster or jetty fisherman. A unique wide-auger shank do not bend, back-out or fold over in the sole like other narrow-threaded studs. Grip Studs feature a tough, solid tungsten carbide core-to-tip shaft and a rust-resistant finish, making them the perfect stud for rock hoppers! The unique installation notches of the Grip Studs design ensure easy installation and removal with the handy power tool. Grip Studs surf fishing studs work in almost any rubber or felt sole and are available in both aggressive and standard sizes ensuring compatibility with your boot sole and optimizing traction based on your surf fishing conditions. Stud penetration is 7.9mm leaving 3.5mm of exposed stud from your boot.

Installation Instructions:

Always check boot sole depth before installing Grip Studs. Grip Studs boot studs can be installed with the Grip Studs power bit in a variable speed drill. Snap a stud into the tip of the install tool (auger end facing outward). Position the end of the stud firmly against the boot sole. Steadily apply pressure straight down while slowly screwing the stud into the sole until the prongs on the tool penetrate the surface of the sole. Remove the tool from the stud. The notched collar on the stud should be flush with the boot sole. Studs may come out if they are not adequately sunk into the sole. Repeat procedure for all studs. For optimum traction, install studs in varied pattern (not in a straight line) on the sole so the studs can make better contact with the terrain. Grip Studs are also easily removed by backing them out with the same tool. CAUTION: Over-tightening may cause studs to penetrate entirely through boot soles; verify sole thickness before installing studs. Studs may damage or mar floors, truck beds and other surfaces.