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ODM D.N.A. Surf Rods

Rod Model

ODM D.N.A. Surf Rods sit at the crossroads of performance and value. It's tough to get more for your money then this.

Modern surf rods are just getting better and better, and as they do technology trickles down to lower price points. ODM's D.N.A. Surf Rods are extremely light but durable while packing the power to handle big fish. Versatile tapers are ideal both for throwing a variety of lures, and then when you hook up they have perfect fish fighting action. This level of performance not long ago came with a much higher price tag.


  • Carbon Nano technology with proprietary layering and patterning process
  • 2 piece: 60/40 split - Design to flex and behave like 1 piece rod
  • Top quality components - Fuji Tangle-Free Alconite K guides and ODM custom ergonomics reel seat.
  • Custom Spiral Grip - Comfortable non-slip foregrip and split butt grip.
  • Built on Fuji New Guide Concept layout
  • 1 Year limited warranty


 Rod Model Length Pieces Action Lure Rating Max Drag
NXD-935 9' 2 - 60/40 split Mod. - Mod.-Fast 1/2 - 3-1/2 oz 16 lb
NXD-104 10' 2 - 60/40 split Mod. - Mod.-Fast 3/4 - 4 oz 17 lb
NXD-115 11' 2 - 60/40 split Mod. - Mod.-Fast 1 - 5 oz 18 lb