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Megabass Magdraft Swimbaits

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Length: 8"
Color: Ayu

Bringing a unique design to the swimbait market, the Megabass Magdraft Swimbaits feature a molded internal harness that secures a treble underneath the belly with an internal magnet. Known as the patented Mag-Hold System, the magnet keeps the treble from flopping around during the retrieve and cast but unhinges itself when a strike from a fish occurs. This helps to streamline the bait but also provides for a more realistic and natural presentation.

The Magdraft is the perfect option for a medium-slow to medium retrieve, and its tail kicks into motion quickly and efficiently during the retrieve or when falling vertically. The bait certainly has a sweet spot for retrieve speed and under the medium-slow to medium retrieve the bait gives off a great natural head shake seen with a natural swimming fish. The tail gives off a hard thumping tail action that sends vibrations through the water column, perfect for attracting predatory by activating their lateral line senses.

The Magdraft is a great option for anglers who want a bigger-bodied bait with great thumping tail action. It's unique design gives the angler a competitive edge by getting the weight of the lure away from anything that strikes it so it has minimal chance to drop it.

  • 6" Magdraft
    • 1-1/4oz
    • #2 Treble
  • 8" Magdraft
    • 3-1/10oz
    • 3/0 Treble
  • 10"Magdraft
    • 6-1/5oz
    • 2/0 Treble