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Megabass Kanata Jerkbaits

Color: Mat Shad

The Megabass Kanata Jerkbait is for those times when targeting fish that are keyed in on larger bait. Coming in a 6-1/3", this bait provides that bigger profile size but features a more streamlined, slender body with flat sides which gives off a monstrous flash when burned over structure or when given rod twitches. During a pause, this bait lifts its head slightly before rising perfectly horizontally. A straight retrieve gives off a more high pitch rolling action with flashing visual, calling predators from afar.

The Kanata's more slender body profile keeps water resistance to a minimal level, allowing the angler to give a fast and impactful retrieve with reduced stress and fatigue on the wrist and forearms. This bait also has great aerodynamic form, which combined with Megabass's Tungsten Triple Oscillating moving balancing system, this bait simply flies on the cast.

With huge water displacement, monstrous flash, and easy to impart side-to-side action, the Kanata is a great offering in the Megabass lineup to provide a big bait presence.

  • Max Depth:4 Feet
  • Type:Slow-Float
  • Length:6-1/3"
  • Weight:1oz
  • Hook Size:#2 Treble (3)