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Megabass Ito Vision 110 Jerkbaits

3 reviews
Color: GG Perch OB

The Megabass Ito Vision 110 sets the benchmark for what many jerkbaits are compared to. The Vision 110 is known throughout the world by anglers at all levels whether they are professional, amateur, or tackle enthusiasts due to its one-of-a-kind darting action, weight transferring/balance system, and realistic color patterns.

This bait excels in water temps from 38-70 degrees, and is perfect for covering points, flats, rocky banks, bluffs, and overtop grass beds, whether it be spring, summer, or fall. These baits are perfectly tuned, giving anglers a deadly package whether they are ripped in at blistering speeds or given multiple minute-long pauses. Often times bass can change their activity levels day by day or even hour by hour and the Vision 110 excels as the universal bait to perform at it all.

The Vision 110 utilizes a tungsten Multi-Way Moving Bait Balancing System that provides for its unparalleled action and considerable casting distance. The original Katsuage Out-Barb trebles from Megabass give the bait great hookup percentages with minimal effort, whether it be from a fish's more passive strike or the angler using a lighter line.

The Vision 110 set the standard for tournament fishing throughout the country and what once used to be a closely guarded secret bait has become something that has exploded greatly. It for sure is a hard one to leave at the dock especially during the spring and fall months.

  • Max Depth:6 Feet
  • Type:Suspending
  • Length:4-1/3"
  • Weight:1/2oz
  • Hook Size:#6 Katsuage Out-Barb Treble (3)