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Megabass Dark Sleeper Swimbaits

Size: 1/4oz - 2.4"
Color: Hanahaze

The Megabass Dark Sleeper took the industry by storm with its stealthy and lifelike swimbait presentation that has perfectly suited itself as a bottom-bouncing offering. The bait itself has overwhelming realism with its body profile, color patterns and fin that shields the top hook both from both predator sight as well debris such as weed, leaves, etc. The fin compresses quickly when a predator grabs it, ensuring positive hooksets.

Each Dark Sleeper features a low center of gravity, giving the bait a more natural presentation as it moves and deflects off cover. It's supple paddle tail is designed to kick and move even under the slowest of crawling speeds. This bait is perfect for imitating small baitfish, whether it be bluegills, shiners, gobies, or other bottom-dwelling creatures. This bait is a perfect addition to the arsenal, giving anglers a great option for targeting fish on or near the bottom with a more finesse presentation.