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Umpqua XS410-NI5X All Purpose Saltwater Hook

Size/Pack quantity: Sz 8 - Pk 20


Straight Eye, Wide Gape, Variable Length, X-Strong, Forged Bend, V-Lock Bend, Micro-barb, NI5X Finish

Simplify your salt, big-game and flats tying with this great all-around hook. With variable shank length and wire strength (optimized for size), this hook is perfect for flats flies in sizes 2-10 (Gotchas, etc.,) 1/0-2 Permit flies (crab patterns), and baitfish up to 3/0 (deceivers, flat wings, Clouser Minnows)

  • Size 2 & 1 come in packs of 20
  • Size 1/0 come in packs of 15
  • Size 2/0 come in packs of 12
  • Size 3/0 come in packs of 10