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Point Jude Siwash Bucktail Replacement Hooks

14 reviews
Hook Size: 3/0
Color: All Yellow

Great for replacing the rear tail hooks on your favorite plugs. Strong VMC open eye Siwash hook with quality saddle hackle strapped to it with epoxy covering the thread wraps for outstanding durability.

Size 2/0 are great for smaller plugs like small Bombers or other small lures
Size 3/0 is perfect for small darters, needlefish, poppers, and much more weighing around 1 Ounce
Size 4/0 work great on plugs weighing 1 ounce and higher. Also lighter plugs where too much tail weight might affect the action
Size 5/0 or 6/0 are a good match for plugs 2 ounces and up. Big Danny Swimmers, Needles, Swimmers, Darters, or plugs where a little added weight wouldn't affect the overall action of the plug and you need the strength.

1 per pack