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Owner Beast Flashy Swimmer Hooks

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Hook Size/Weight/Pack Quantity: 12/0 - 3/4oz - 2pk

The Owner Beast Flashy Swimmer Hooksadd a little more flash than your typical rigged soft plastic lures, whether it be swimbaits, flukes, etc. The beast version features an XXX strong foraged shank hook with a super-wide gap to accommodate the larger soft plastics.

Each hook features a non-moveable weight as well as a molded-in keeper to connect the wire, dual mini swivel, and blade. While the wire and blade pivot, under a steady retrieve they stay parallel to the bait itself. Each hook is also outfitted at the hook eye with an Owner CPS Spring, providing for ease of rigging.

The Beast Flashy swimmer works well with larger swimbaits, flukes, and other swimming soft plastics. With the addition of the blade, your plastic will fall slower and ride a little lower in the water column compared to a standard weighted hook as the blade causes a mini vortex effect. If you're looking to spice up your standard soft plastic with some more thump, vibration, and flash, the Owner Beast Flashy Swimmer is definitely the way to go.

  • TwistLOCK CPS Spring
  • 3x Strong Foraged Shank Hook
  • Super Needle Point
  • Black Chrome Finish