The most minor componets can make big differences on the water.

Fish hard, stay comfortable.

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Surfcasters Pre-Season Checklist



In order to be at your best in the surf, you need to prepare. Use this Surfcasters Pre-Season Checklist to be sure you are ready when the stripers return.

Drop off reels for service if needed (do this two months ago)

Spool with fresh braid as needed

Check rod guides and reel seats for damage and arrange repair as needed

Replace rusted or bent hooks and split rings as needed. Shop our selection of trebles, siwash, and in-line hooks

Sharpen hooks on remaining lures. Hook sharpeners here.

Build new leaders and rigs  Shop our selection of fluorocarbon and nylon leader material and swivels and quick clips

Dump contents of plug bag(s) and restock

Check surf belt, plier sheath and lanyards for wear

Test Waders – fill them with water to find leaks to prevent unexpected cold water surprise

Wash Wetsuit – soak the wetsuit in a tub of warm water for at least 20 minutes. Hang dry.

Check wading boots and laces for wear and soles for missing spikes.

Lightly oil Boga Grip and pliers

Check your light to see if it’s working and recharge/replace the batteries

Check your gloves and make sure that they can get you through the cold start of the season

Renew fishing licenses

Acquire parking permits

Hurry up and wait…

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