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Saltwater Edge Fly Box - Lefty's Deceiver

Saltwater Edge Fly Box - Lefty's Deceiver

How To Tie A Lefty's Deceiver

The Lefty's Deceiver is named for the originator of this fly the world-famous fly fisherman Lefty Kreh. A fly so famous it appears on a postage stamp! Lefty makes regular mention of how many species (both salt and fresh) this fly has fooled and I recall it is over 50 at this point. He set out to create a streamer that would cast well and not foul, would have an attractive profile and that was easy to vary in color and shape.

Here in the northeast, an all-white version is among the best producers as is chartreuse over white for off-color water. A slim, sparse olive or tan over white version is killer for the bonito and albies that we pray invade our shores in late summer.

Captain Corey of Plug N Play Charters will show you how to tie a Lefty's Deceiver


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