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Saltwater Edge Fly Box - Rhody Flatwing

Saltwater Edge Fly Box - Rhody Flatwing

How To Tie A Rhody Flatwing

rhody flatwing

The Rhody Flatwing is a proven fish catcher in the Ocean State and beyond. While the classic Ray's Fly color scheme is used here the flatwing is a style of tying rather than a specific pattern. Kenney Abrames and other Rhody Fly Rodders popularized this style of tying. Kenney utilized a construction technique that was popular among landlock salmon fishermen in Maine. To this point, most saltwater flies had their hackles tied in vertically in line with the hook bend. The best example of this is the Lefty's Deceiver which creates a nice broadside profile. What Kenney and the landlock fisherman were trying to create is a pattern that presented an attractive profile from below. Bill Peabody, Ray Bonderew among other club members developed many effective flatwing patterns. Flatwings are constructed with a single feather or with as many as eight on some larger patterns.

For more on flatwing flies here's a great article from Tom Keer

Captain Corey of Plug N Play Charters will show you how to tie a Rhody Flatwing 

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