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How to rig your albie snax the right way

Paul sits us down for a quick session on how to make our albie snax more delicious. Spoiler: the key ingredient is the right hook and and proper rigging. 















hey guys it's Paul with the saltwater Edge and today I'm going to be talking about how I like to rig my Albie snacks these are a great bait to have especially in the fall time when there's a bunch of sand eels and smaller bait present and the fish are really keyed in on really small offerings these lures work really well on bass and albies I'll be snacks come in a bunch of different colors this is the favorite color that I like it's that Amber over white color to me it looks like a baby squid and it just I think it looks really good in the water this is a new color for us we're pretty excited about it it's an olive green color it's going to match the sand deals and baby anchovies really really well this fall I like to fish them on the owner twist lock Beast hooks if I'm fishing on the surface I use the unweighted ones and if I want a blind cast or fish a little bit deeper I use a 1 8 ounce uh weighted ones so this is what they'll look like as a finished product and now we're gonna get into the rigging of them first you're going to want to take your hook with the little screw eye and you Center it right on the tip of the Audi snack and just twist it on until it's flush with the eye of the hook

so the way you want it you always want the white underbelly of the I'll be snack down on the bottom and you you're going to want the eye like I said flush right up to the bait and you'll see that the screw eye will be horizontal on the lure then you're going to pull it a little taunt sort of Mark where it is on the bait with your finger and then just bend it and try to put it through as straight as possible straight up to the top as soon as you feel the tip of the hook start to pull through and just stretch it and pull it out so this will make this a little bit taunt and this screw eye will hold it perfectly in place and here it is a rigged I'll be snack

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