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Frank Goncalves walks us through what lures he keeps in his plug bag during the season

Frank drops into the shop to give us a peak into what he keeps in his surf bag during the summer. He explains why he keeps each plug ready and how he organizes them, as well as how to make your fish look bigger. 















hey this is frank and i'm here at the saltwater edge today talk a little bit about what's in my plug bag for the summer start off with the more stuff i use closer to my hands as i work down the end stuff i use a little less my first tube here uh no surprise darters uh generally fish uh two ounce daughter almost exclusively in the summer i might go down to ounce and a half ounce and three quarters there's less bunker and there starts to become slimmer baits around our fish the water temperature goes up and fish start to become a little more selective as these are all pretty much the same body uh they work great and i have a ton of confidence in them like most like most surfcasters i'll always have super strikes great for distance cover and water uh as most of you know nearly impossible not to have my second two uh metal lips probably my favorite plug to catch fish on especially big fish i like these as we transition in the summer i'll go down a slimmer slimmer and smaller size instead of using uh eight inch this like like i would use in the spring when there's a lot of bunker around i'll go down to a six or slimmer or if there seemed fish seem to be really selective i'll sum it way down i'll even go to minnow plugs but uh for the most part i'll always carry about two to three to four metal lips uh sometimes almost my whole bag will be filled metal lips if i'm doing well on them working down the line hardly go out without a bottle i'll carry a super striker this this goo man plug again great when there's crosswind great when i need to get dig deep or hold or i'll use this in various conditions it's just a big fish plug regardless of season even in the summer again i might swim down in size to a you know ounce and a half one but generally i don't leave home without some sort of bottle plug or two or three in my bag second most fish plug uh needle fish so always have different variations again this depends where i'm fishing or what i'm doing or how i'm doing on what but i'll always have some needlefish atlantic plug co that i've gotten and it's been a great plug for me just like the darters i'll go with the biggest hooks i can use without getting hung up on something i'll carry various sink rates don't fish floating much but i'll always have a slow sink and a fast sink just depending where i am what the cross sweep is what the wind's doing etc and that same tube i'll again another super strike but i'll always bring out like a jumbo darter if uh even with those since these are larger even if it's summer they seem to be a bunker or the fish are extremely active and they're hitting larger plugs i'll try to pull off something even larger to see if i can weed out a larger fish to the bunch

now my last tube here is kind of the this tube gets changed out the most throughout the night oh sorry throughout each outing a red fin again never really leave home without it great distance distance cover plug fish almost always like them or hit them so great fish finder plug i'll almost always have that um also in the miscellaneous tube uh again same thing with metal lips i'll carry something big in case i'm getting side fish seem to be absolutely crushing regular metal lips i'll pull out something huge this is uh we call it bob but i believe it's a reproduction of a three ounce pinch knee but uh bone in color a favorite color so always if i can't always tuck this in my bag and that same tube this is a reproduction of jack french banana super fun plug to fish i'll fish this even if they don't want to just because i personally have a lot of fun fishing it's a just kind of a stick shad type bait uh definitely as you can tell it looks much like a bunker and uh if i can get them going on this i can use usually we'll fish it if i can i'll also take it out when uh getting soft hits is they seem to charge at it a little bit more uh just because it's so large so i'll pull this out fairly often or i'm bored and i want to fish something a little bit different this is definitely the ticket um aside from that i just carry i'll carry various soft plastics just uh gravity eels i'll do i'll do them on jig heads if it's deeper i'll do them on a swim hooks if it's a little more shallow and i'll carry various uh sizes of bucktails just for that spot but uh sometimes i pull them out sometimes i don't i do like fishing a bucktail in soft plastics uh so i'll just change those out cons you know based off the depth of the water and fishing or if there's wind i'll go with a heavier one or if it's bright out i'll change the color of the soft plastics or the bucktails i'm using while we're at it i'll cover uh my belt set up or my bags and my belt and what i have on it i don't change this all season pretty much stays the same if i'm fishing eels i might ditch a bag and i'll have a jug um so these bags are uh basically a point surf cat bags built by my friend miguel they're excellent i'll carry a combination i prefer this over a shoulder bag so i'll carry two twos so they can wrap around my waist on like a three where it would bend i'll go two and then one or just go two if i'm fishing eels and have an elk jug or what have you uh old mac surf casting belt that i love uh pliers i'm left-handed so everything's basically set up on my left-hand side my first two primary plugs kind of stuff that i fish secondary most places i fish it's hard to get back or i'm not on shore so i don't bring the water and if i want to keep moving i don't want to keep going back to get the water so i'll just do a water bottle holder from there i'll always have a skin pouch that he generally keeps soft plastics in a camera that never leaves and then i'll have a carabiner clip here and uh i'll generally it won't carry a boat grip if i'm trying to stay mobile i do fish grips in cases a small fish is pinned across the face but for the most part i'll try to lift them and uh all that i don't change out much on here i again like i said i might ditch a a bag or two or add a single tube and if i'm at a spot where i can have my water you know i'll add more plugs or if i feel like i'm not you know i don't have a good understanding what the fish want i'll try to bring more plugs and uh less stuff on here but uh that's generally my belt for the whole season not just the summer this is generally what i have and i'll just save and do i'll change this out just per spot but this is generally the bulk of it the shape won't change much just a plug size depending on what the fish are eating like bait wise and if they seem to be aggressive or finicky but that's the majority of my bag for the season



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