The most minor componets can make big differences on the water.

Fish hard, stay comfortable.

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East Cape of Baja Surf Fishing Essentials

East Cape of Baja Surf Fishing

Baja is a surfcasting and flyrodding paradise. Wide sandy beaches and water that is turquoise transitioning to deep blue. Turn around and it is an arid desert and you think "Between the scorching heat and the scorpions I wouldn't last 30 minutes in there" All of the amazing scenery gets hijacked by the mayhem of roosterfish running the beach.

baja surf caster

Having traveled with a few groups from the shop to experience the awesomeness of Baja we wanted to share what we have learned. I honestly believe I bring less each trip. We hope this checklist is helpful as you prepare for conditions (and excitement) you have likely never experienced before.

Roosterfish tight to shore

Gear You Wear for the Baja Surf:

Long sleeve SPF 30+ sun shirts or hoodies
Hats with a full brim or neck guard.
Buffs - must protect from the glare off the water and the tops of your ears
Sun gloves I use these every trip surf or fly
Polarized sunglasses - You might consider a second cheap pair just in case. Must have sunglass cleaner and cloth in a zip lock bag.
Quick-drying nylon shorts
Flip flops
Sunscreen - You might choose to get the good stuff for your face (seems to sting less) and go cheap for the rest of your bod.
Lip balm- Look for waterproof, rub proof, sweat proof, UVA and UVB protection.

Fly rod roosterfish

Nice to Haves:

Sun gloves if you burn easily
Quick-drying nylon pants for sun protection especially in the event you burn the back of your legs
Boat shoes for any offshore day
Waterproof/breathable raincoat
Fleece pullover
Comfortable clothing for travel and after fishing

Surf c Caught Jack

Must Have Travel Items:

Passport - Make a few copies
Toiletries including Advil/Tylenol, Dramamine or Scopolamine patch and Pepto Bismol
Camera - extra memory card and batteries
Charging cables - phone and camera, etc.
Day pack for the ATV - Plano boxes, camera, extra clothing, sunscreen, etc.
Cash - tips and spending money when you go through some of the towns
Laptop the internet is likely to be spotty


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