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Captain Jack Sprengel reviews a few jigging rods

Captain Jack methodically and expertly reviews a few jigging rods for seabass and fluke.
















hi i'm captain jack sprengel today i'm here at the saltwater edge to show you my three favorite inshore jigging rods starting the series off is the talavera type j this is a great entry level price point rod comes in at about 119 dollars and this is a really good selection for an angler who's just starting to test the waters on vertical jigging in shore might not be sure the setup they want to commit to yet but wants to target black sea bass scup fluke and other inshore species even blackfish with bait it's a nice all-around versatile rod for the money it features a fuji reel seat it also has the new sea guide style guides on there so it's going to be able to handle heavier power braided line up to 30 pound class for this particular light model great entry level setup nice way to start the list off this is my first jigging setup that i would select second up on the list for me is a little bit more advanced blank in the trevala px series rod trevala px features the shimano technology called high power x high power x is a series of interwoven cross fiber tape carbon based that enhances the strength of the blank without adding any weight it's a very thin tape and it prevents ovalization of the blank and prevents catastrophic failure this is for an angler who's a little bit more confident with their vertical jigging and their slow pitch jigging wants to upgrade their tackle a little bit more they're going to commit to a little bit better it's got a really cool looking green blank to it matches to a lot of more popular reels on the market also a great rod for black sea bass fluke stripe bass flounder blackfish very good middle of the road blank this rod is going to come in at about 199 and is an excellent selection for that mid-range just starting to get confident with vertical jigging and slope itching topping my list and my personal favorite are the grappler series rods grappler series rods boast the features of both the original two rods i've shown you but they also feature high power x so now you have the combined efforts in the blank construction of high power x and spiral x spiral x is an actual tape woven on the inside of the blank while high pyrex is a series of cross tape x's all the way over the outside of the blank combined the two give you not only maximum protection against any ovalization of the blank but they give you the lightest blank possible with the most power possible and gives you complete control over anything you're doing from vertical jigging slow pitch jigging or even bottom fishing this rod is capable of ending much larger fish than it's rated for but again is a great rod for striped bass flounder fluke black sea bass and blackfish this rod here happens to be a spinning model you can get them in both spinning and conventional generally for me the heavier the jigs once i get anywhere from 200 to gram and up i like having a spinning rod it just gives me a little more power on my more dominant right arm just to recap again my top three jigging rods here for inshore fishing here in the northeast again they start with the talavera type j as an entry level price point rod it's going to come in at about 119.99 mid-range and my next favorite in the series is the travala px trial px rod is that mid-range starting to get confident jigging a lot of the inshore species both slow pitch and vertical jigging that's going to come in at about 199.99 and then my personal favorite the grappler series jigging rods going to have high power x and spiral x the top technology shimano has available in any of their jigging blanks and that's going to come in at 289.99 it's a great price for the amount of technology you're getting they've got a lot of them down here on the shelves at saltwater edge so if you get the time come down and check them out put your hands on them and find the right blank that works for you


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