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Captain Kyle Schaefer - Sight Fisherman Extraordinaire

Capt. Kyle is a fly fishing guide, lodge owner, writer, conservationist, and entrepreneur. Kyle’s passion for fly fishing runs deep, but his true passion is helping people and fighting to protect wild fish and wild places.

He guides for stripers on the flats in Maine and chases bonefish, permit and whatever else is on the flats in the Berry Islands, Bahamas. Like most of us Kyle is happy when there is a bend in the rod; but he gets truely excited by the anticipation of seeing a fish and making the cast that gets the eat in skinny water. 

Kyle’s guiding career includes extensive time in the western US chasing world-class trout, the vast marshlands of Argentina for Golden Dorado, and the diverse coast of New England for Striped Bass. Kyle has been lucky to travel the world exploring new fisheries and has spent extensive time on the Bahamian flats, living in South Andros managing a fly fishing lodge, and most recently launched Soul Fly Lodge, his first lodge operation.

Check out our Soul Fly Lodge Fly Shop if you are headed south.


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Rene Letourneau

Rene Letourneau

enero 02, 2024

Awesome as usual .

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