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2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Searching for that perfect gift for the saltwater fishing enthusiast in your life? Look no further than the 2023 Holiday Gift Guide curated by Saltwater Edge.

In this collection, we have assembled an impressive array of handpicked products designed to delight anglers of all levels. From the avid saltwater angler to the weekend warrior, this gift guide is a treasure trove of top-notch equipment, innovative tools, and must-have accessories that will elevate any fishing adventure.

Join us as we take a closer look at the standout selections in this meticulously crafted gift guide. Whether you're aiming to surprise a seasoned fisherman or introduce someone new to the thrill of saltwater fishing, our expertly curated collection has something special for everyone. Want a video version? Scroll to the bottom of this article or click here

Before we get into physical gifts I want to point out one of our favorite gifts this season, the Surf Scenarios Seminar. This is a comprehensive seminar series that is sure to make whoever you give it to a better angler. This seminar features the extremely knowledgeable Jerry Audet along with some of the best surf anglers out there. Find out more here. 

Starting off the list is apparel. One of our favorite items here are our Saltwater Edge Hoodies. These hoodies are printed on a heavy duty blank and are a staple around the shop and out on the water. The next piece of apparel are the Saltwater Edge Hats. We have a great selection of hats, everything from packable and floating hats to your traditional ball caps. Last up in the apparel selection is the Saltwater Edge Confluence Hoody. This sun hoody is comfortable on and off the water with the added benefit of protection from the sun and a quick dry fabric that keeps you cool. 

Next up in our gift guide are minnow plugs. These lures have a home in any saltwater anglers toolbox. They imitate a wide variety of baitfish and simply put, they just work. One of our favorites here at the shop is the Yo-Zuri Hydro Minnow LC. The LC stands for long cast and boy do they mean it. These lures stand up to abuse and big fish like few others. Another unique offering that was new to the shop this spring is the Nomad Shikari. These plugs have a unique shape and action that made it one of our more popular offerings this season. The bass love them!

One gift that can get overlooked is a nice pliers sheath. Every angler carries a set of pliers and a nice sheath keeps them accessible and safe. The Gear Up Pliers Sheath is a great option and something that will last as long as it'll be used. These are hand made and built to take a beating.

 A unique and appreciated gift for this season are the Dextreme Knives from Dexter. These knives feature a unique serated edge on the back of the knife. This allows you to use that serrated edge for tough work like scales and bones without dulling the filet portion of the blade. This was a game changer for me, it meant a lot faster processing and less sharpening. 

One of the most appreciated "stocking stuffers" on this list would be the Point Jude Siwash replacement hooks. These hooks can be added to just about any plug to improve the action and hook up ratio. 


If the angler in your life, or maybe its you, is a little disorganized these two gifts are for them. First up are the Hydro-Flo boxes from Plano. These boxes are a shop favorite here due to their ability to be rinsed down and dried out quickly and without having to take all the lures out of the box. Next in the organization category is the Grundens Gear Hauler Tote. These totes have some great pockets in them as well as a heavy duty bottom that stands up to boat decks and docks. It's a great way to transport your gear to and from the boat or pier. 

Next up are gifts for the fly tyer in your life. This isn't just for fly fishing though! This gear can be used to make tail flags, teasers, bucktails and more. 

One of our favorite new pieces of fly tying gear to come into the shop this season is the Hareline Foamanizer. This is a game changing piece of organziational equipment. It makes finding your tools and materials faster and more effecient, which translates to more flies tied. 

Next up and something that can be a real relationship saver is the Hareline Trash Holder. This convenient tool clips onto any vise and holds any trash that can accumulate while tying. This small tool is a real game changer when it comes to keeping your tying space clean.  

If you know someone who is interested in tying a vise is the best gift you can get them. It opens the door to a new and lifelong hobby. We have a variety of vises at different price points and with different features. Give us a call if you need help picking one out. 

Another great gift for a fly tyer or soon to be fly tyer are the Umpqua Dream Stream tying kits. These kits come in varieties from simple tools to master kits. Every tyer needs more tools and you wont hear anyone complain about getting these quality tying kits. 

Thanks for reading and if you need help picking out that perfect gift get in touch and we'll make it happen.

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