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2020 Saltwater Edge Surfcasters Gift Guide

If you're a surfcaster and you're looking to lengthen your list for old Sandy Claus, then allow us to make it easy for you. If you're shopping for the surfcaster in your life and you're not sure what to get him or her, allow us to walk you through the gear that makes all surfcasters drool. (And here's a little secret, surfcasters are not all that hard to shop for, and if you're not sure about any of the items on this list, grab a handful of Super Strike Darters in colors you like and a couple Big Docs and you're guaranteed to see a smiling face emerge from the piles of crumpled wrapping paper.)  If you're still jammed up, our Gift Certificates are guaranteed to fit.


New! : ODM AIO Surf Bag 

Surfcasters are constantly looking for ways to minimize bulk in their gear while also trying to maximize what they can fit into these smaller packages. This has to have been the inspiration for the ODM AIO Surf Bag. In case you're wondering, AIO stands for All In One, clever huh? Well this little bag takes the minimalist approach to the extreme. It really is the ultimate one-tube bag; sure it's one tube, but that tube happens to be 4.25 inches in diameter and 8 inches long. This means it can accomodate a ridiculous number of smaller plugs or two giant ones. It can be worn on the belt or slung over the shoulder on the included strap. It's a pragmatic gift that will get a ton of use and it's not all that expensive either. 

    Best Seller: TheGuy Cotten Surf Top

    fall run 

    The Guy Cotten Surf Top is one of our Best Sellers. It really is the ultimate year-round surf top because it keeps you dry, it cuts the wind and it allows enough room to layer up on those extra cold nights. The gaskets at the neck and sleeve ensure that you stay dry when a big wave surprises you and the material is lightweight, comfortable and looks pretty darn good too!



    Under $250: Danco Premio Titanium Pliers


    For surfcasters, a reliable pair of pliers is just about as important as a pair of working lungs; they become and extension of your hands when landing fish, cutting line, removing hooks and adjusting the action of your plugs. There are somewhere around a million types of fishing pliers on the market but only a select few can actually stand up to the rigors of the surf and the Premio Pliers from Danco are on that, very short, list. Furthermore, they will last a lifetime and get at least a lifetime's worth of use, maybe more. 

    Under $150: Stormr Swell Neoprene Hoodie

    Do you have a wetsuiter to shop for? Does he or she complain about their knees knocking together on those cold nights in the spring and fall when the wind cuts right through the neoprene? The Swell Jacket from Stormr is the solution to their problems. The Swell is a high performance neoprene, zip-front hoodie made from 2 mm neoprene that is faced with a 'skin' on the outside that keep warmth in and keeps the infernal winds out! If you're not sure what size to get, look at their other hoodies and go one size smaller, this ensures that the Swell will fit just right over their wetsuit, keeping them warm, but also allowing them to swim freely and without water rushing into the jacket and weighing them down. In our opinion, the Stormr Swell is, by FAR, the best jacket on the market for anyone that fishes the surf in a wetsuit. 

    Under $100: ODM Surfwave Surf Belt


    Essentials seems to be a theme in this year's gift guide and there are few items more essential than a reliable belt! The belt serves so many purposes; keeping water from sneaking through the waist of your jacket, securing your pliers, pouches, grippers and other things to your person and keeping your bag from swinging all over the place while you walk and fish. ODM has made one of the finest available today with a fast-buckle sysytem making it easy to take off and put on, stock accessories like the stainless steel caribiner and leader pouch and finite adjustments to obtain the perfect fit. If you're looking for the perfect belt, here it is! 

    Under $50: OutCast Long Caster Pencil

    If you want to wow the surfcaster in your life with some high-level craftmanship, you'd do well to grab one of these high-trajectory Pencil Poppers from OutCast Lures. This style Pencil has been taking the Cape Cod Canal by storm over the past four or five years and now they're starting find more and more fans in the surf as well. These plugs cast a mile and are so easy to work that you barely have to do more than crank them in. The color and finish on these plugs is right up there with the best in the business and they are proven fish catchers. 

    Stocking Stuffers:  

    Gravity Tackle GT Eels



    These 14-inch soft plastic eels have taken the striper fishing world by storm this year with hundreds of large stripers landed from boats, kayaks and the surf! The GT Eels were all over social media in 2020 as anglers all over the coast found out firsthand just how effective these slinky soft plastics really are. Whether they are fished on one of the Gravity Tackle Atlas Jigheads or their unique and strong Titan SwimHooks, the GT Eels are here to stay and they will make a great gift for any surfcaster this holiday season. 

    Aquaskinz Finger Shield:

    Braid can do a number on an unprotected finger and no surfcaster should go without protection. These ingenious little finger guards stay put, and will withstand thousands of casts without protest. Every angler should have two of these, one to use and one to keep in the 'glovey' as an emergancy backup. This item is one of our top sellers on Amazon and there's a good reason for that, they just, plain, work. 

    TA Clips

    Virtually every surfcaster plying the beaches and rocky shores these days is using a TA Clip at the business end of their leader. These tough little 'paper clips' make switching lures a breeze and they can be relied upon to hang tough on even the biggest fish and under all conditions. If you're looking to get just one more thing that the surfguy or gal in your life just must have, get them a 25-pack of the 125-pound TA Clips and call it a holiday. 


    But if you really want to knock their stockings off: Van Staal VSX Spinning Reels

    Ever since it arrived the Van Staal Spinning Reel claimed the spot of the best reel for the job of surfcasting. Many of the originals from 25+ years ago are still in service with no sign of slowing down. Waterproof, tough, and built to last a lifetime or two it's the greatest gift possible for a surfcaster.

    Friggin' Awesome! The Osa Pennisula, Costa Rica 

    The Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica is a sportfishing paradise. Touted to be ‘one of the most biologically intense places on earth’ by National Geographic. Osa also offers some of the finest surf, fly and inshore in the world, with inshore species including giant roosterfish, snappers, groupers, jacks, and rainbow runners, and offshore waters offering some of the world’s largest Pacific sailfish, blue, striped, and black marlin, dorado or mahi-mahi, wahoo, and yellowfin tuna. Good thing former SWE employee Tom Enderlin has built a highly regarded guide service in the heart of the best surf, fly and inshore opportunities that Osa has to offer.