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We're Moving!


Yes we are moving again, we have outgrown our current space and storage needs so we are on to the next location. This new location will give us the ability to offer a roomier retail floor and a more efficient shipping and receiving operation as well as an education center (looks a lot like a bar....). Whether you are in in-store customer or online customer it will be a better experience.

Our new location with be at 1360 W Main Rd Middletown, RI. We are very excited to have Gold's Liquors as a neighbor on one side with Stop and Shop and Riverhead Building Supply in the same Plaza.

None of our contact information is changing so you can use the same phone number and email to get in touch with any questions.

We are planning on opening the new location to the public on June 1st but we will keep everyone updated as we go through the move process. 

We are doing our best to have shipping uninterrupted during this period, but we may have a one day delay on some orders.

Thank you! 

2 Respuestas

David Wanderman

David Wanderman

mayo 31, 2024

Congrats but where do I do my laundry now?

Edward C Gooding

Edward C Gooding

mayo 31, 2024

I’m glad to see your new store

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