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Van Staal Service Promo

It's sad to say but there comes a time to start thinking about winding down your surfcasting season. We aren't there yet! It is coming soon though. If you are a Van Staal owner you know the importance of getting your reel serviced at regular intervals, or having noises or oddities in the reel diagnosed and fixed before they turn into reel (get it) issues. 

We want to be able to get your reel serviced and back in action in the time between your season ending and the next season beginning. The best way for us to do that is for you to get us your reel before the spring season starts. To incentivize you to get your reel in early we are giving you a $10 SWE Gift Card* if you get us your Van Staal in for service or repair before 01/30/2024. This will allow us to get your reel working perfectly before the start of next season.


 *Gift cards given out for this promo cannot be used on VS Service.

2 Respuestas

Dave Pyne

Dave Pyne

noviembre 08, 2023

I just mailed my reel to you guys on Friday, will i get in on this promo?

Smith Stephen

Smith Stephen

noviembre 08, 2023

Can you tell me how much to service a VS150? It has been very stiff since day one. So much so I don’t use it unless I’m casting to breaking fish. Will a service help inning way? Thanks for any help or ideas!!

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