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Join The Local Singles Club And Help Reduce Post Release Mortality

No one argues that the striped bass population is in trouble, and as recreational anglers, we have a role to play. Many practice catch and release fishing but the data is proving that we can do better. Ongoing research with the Massachusetts Department of Marine Fisheries has provided insights into post-release mortality of striped bass. They have documented that post-release mortality can be reduced when only a belly hook is used, be it a treble, J-Hook, or inline single. Most anglers agree that stripers are largely head hunters, and the data proves the back hook does more harm than good.

In an effort to remove as many rear hooks from striped bass lures as possible, the Saltwater Edge is collaborating with Hogy Lures and the American Saltwater Guide Association to encourage anglers to swap the rear hooks on their striped bass lures for tail flags or similar hookless alternatives.

There are three ways to join the Local Singles Club

1) Any in-store purchase of Hogy lures will receive one free flag and a Local Singles Club sticker at no charge. We would be happy to modify the lure for you.

2) Any purchase ten or more tail flags and receive a free pair of split ring pliers and a Local Singles Club sticker at no charge

3) Bring ten rear hooks to the shop to add to our growing collection and be entered into a raffle to win a $100 Saltwater Edge Gift Card when we reach 1,000 rear hooks removed from the striper fishery

We are excited to work with our partners the American Saltwater Guides Association, Hogy Lures and the GotOne to leverage the research of Mass DMF to reduce post release mortality in striped Bass.

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julio 19, 2024

Debarb all hooks regardless of what they are please. I know this is angler discretion but please ask all of your customer to consider it.

Brian Sittlow

Brian Sittlow

julio 19, 2024

Great job promoting single hooks! Barbless would be even better. Thanks.

Tony Mastalski

Tony Mastalski

julio 19, 2024

Dear SWE & Mr. Peter Jenkins,

This is a great idea and initiative, so thank you kindly for that. If one is an out of state customer, can one ship you treble hooks to be entered in the program drawing? Or do you prefer in person registration? I expect to be in town in late July … just to visit your new store location.



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