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Captain Chris Aubut - Raised By Saltwater

Chris Aubut grew up in the very fishy Westport, MA. He spent most of his youth developing his boating and fishing skills with guidance from his father. Throughout his life, surfing Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island consumed most of his time away from fishing. After he graduated from the Chapman School of Seamanship, he pursued a life on the water.

For over a decade, Chris has guided hundreds of clients on successful fishing charters in Westport and the Florida Keys. In 2011, he again turned his passion into a business and started the Aubut Rod Company, informed by those years on the water. Since then, he has made hundreds of high-performing fishing rods for freshwater and saltwater anglers around the globe.



This podcast episode features in-depth conversations with a seasoned angler Chris Aubut, discussing his passion, experiences, and insights into fishing. With topics ranging from the technical aspects of rod building and fishing strategies to the importance of conservation and enjoying the sport with friends and family, the episode offers a comprehensive look into the world of fishing. Chris shares his journey in the fishing industry, including guiding and the establishment of his custom rod company, alongside his record for tog on fly. He emphasizes fisheries management and the need for a sustainable approach to fishing. Chris reflects on the joy of fishing, the importance of adaptability, and the memorable moments spent with loved ones. He provides valuable advice for enhancing fishing skills and underscore fishing as an immersive, enjoyable experience rather than merely competitive.

00:00 Welcome to the Saltwater Edge Podcast 

00:34 Introducing Chris Aubut 

01:00 From Guiding to Rod Building: Chris's Journey

03:40 A Deep Dive into Fishing Techniques and Lessons

03:56 Technical Difficulties and a Reset

04:38 Exploring World-Class Fisheries with Chris Aubut

08:30 The Art of Rod Building and Fishing Strategy

22:32 Chris's Adventures in Key West and Beyond

28:57 Designing the Perfect Fishing Rod

37:37 Exploring the Art of Rod Building

39:08 Design Philosophy Behind Fishing Rods

41:01 The Evolution of Fishing Gear

43:10 Crafting the Perfect Dock Rod

49:19 The Journey of a Custom Rod Builder

52:30 Fishing Adventures and Memories

01:02:56 Tips and Insights for Anglers

01:12:46 A Personal Fishing Wish

01:15:04 Closing Thoughts and Acknowledgements


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